Simply Conscious is an exploration of art and design that keep mother nature in mind.

As a graphic designer, I want to use my skills to generate awareness for environmental and social issues. By sharing my journey toward this goal and the stories of creative leaders who are already paving the way, I hope to inspire more people to take action.

Together, we have the power to build a sustainable future. Whether or not you are a designer, I encourage you to use your own unique talents to make a difference. The more we adopt sustainable practices in all aspects of our lives, the greater chance we have of saving our planet.

About Me
I am a graphic designer, blogger and certified yogi based in Los Angeles. While attending college in Santa Barbara, I developed a greater appreciation for nature and all living things. I spent my post-college years working in the financial and marketing industries and found myself feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. As a result, I went on to pursue a more creative path, returning to my passion for art, design, and the environment.

I am now combining my passion for design with my hope for a greener Earth, by cultivating environmental consciousness – and consciousness in general – in others and myself.

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