Should or Must, That is the Question

I was listening to my favorite podcast yesterday, Design Matters, and an interview with artist and designer Elle Luna came up. A little more than halfway through, an excerpt from her online manifesto “The Crossroads of Should and Must” was read aloud and it really struck a chord with me.

In it, she talks about making the jump from should to must. Should is what other people expect of us, how they think we should or shouldn’t live our lives. Must is who we really are and what we believe to be our truest self. We are constantly faced with both choices in all aspects of our lives and often times we do what we should because it’s easier and the risk is smaller. When we choose must, it’s difficult because it forces us to listen to our inner voices and pursue something unknown. But by doing so, we are able to find our true calling, and make what we do and who we are one in the same.

simplyconsciousShould or Must, That is the Question
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