Sustainability A to Z

I am starting my first side project! For the longest time I have been wanting to do something fun, creative, and environmentally conscious outside of my day job. What has stopped me in the past and still inhibits me, is the fact that this is outside of my comfort zone. I’m used to designing websites and marketing materials, not creating original graphics, illustrations or art.

It is always nerve-racking to put personal work out there for fear of judgment and/or failure, especially when you’re trying something new and not very good at it. I have finally decided I can no longer let the discouraging voices stop me and that I just have to do it, no matter how much it scares me. I probably will be terrible at first, but I can only get better if I practice.

simplyconsciousSustainability A to Z
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Why I’m Becoming a Weekday Vegetarian

My veggie journey

When I was younger I went through the, “I’m going to be a vegetarian” phase. I’m not really sure what sparked it. I do remember one of the reasons I stopped eating beef was that my Chinese zodiac was an Ox and my kid logic told me, “I can’t eat myself”! Despite how silly the reasoning was, I haven’t eaten beef in nearly 20 years. I’ve kept it up mainly for health and environmental reasons, but it was never my favorite meat in the first place. Chicken and pork, however, I couldn’t resist.

Over the years I have gone in and out of vegetarianism. I go through detox phases where I’ll be a vegetarian for a few weeks at a time. The longest was for 3 months while I was in yoga teacher training, which was when I fully experienced the benefits of being a vegetarian.

simplyconsciousWhy I’m Becoming a Weekday Vegetarian
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7 Billion Steps To A Better Future


Living in California I’m lucky to have sunshine and beaches all year round, but that also gives me a front row seat to worsening drought conditions and polluted oceans. Every day I witness the beauty of nature as well as the pitfalls of consumerism and wastefulness. It’s ironic that the people I see enjoying the beaches and the great outdoors (including myself) are the ones contributing to the planet’s continued deterioration. However, this also makes me hopeful because that means those same people can be the ones to save it.

simplyconscious7 Billion Steps To A Better Future
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