Sustainability A to Z

I am starting my first side project! For the longest time I have been wanting to do something fun, creative, and environmentally conscious outside of my day job. What has stopped me in the past and still inhibits me, is the fact that this is outside of my comfort zone. I’m used to designing websites and marketing materials, not creating original graphics, illustrations or art.

It is always nerve-racking to put personal work out there for fear of judgment and/or failure, especially when you’re trying something new and not very good at it. I have finally decided I can no longer let the discouraging voices stop me and that I just have to do it, no matter how much it scares me. I probably will be terrible at first, but I can only get better if I practice.

simplyconsciousSustainability A to Z
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New Direction + Happy Earth Day

After taking a bit of a hiatus to self-reflect and rework the direction of this blog, I am back and more excited than ever! When I started Simply Conscious, I intended it to be a sustainable lifestyle blog, but found myself struggling a lot with what to write. I realized it was because I had a vision of what I wanted the blog to be, but was trying to do and become something I was not.

My new approach

Don’t get me wrong, I still strive to live more consciously every day and hope more people do too, but I just wasn’t finding excitement writing about the “how-to’s” of sustainable living. Plus, there are plenty of blogs out there who are already doing a great job of this (see my Favorites). I wanted to contribute in my own way, a way that is more inline with who I am — a designer.

simplyconsciousNew Direction + Happy Earth Day
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Top 10 and More To Come

Top 10 Blog

A lot has happened in the last 2 weeks since I made my first blog post. I entered it into the World Environment Day 2015 blog competition put on by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and was selected as a top 10 finalist. The winner gets to be the official blogger at World Environment Day in Milan. Needless to say, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity and happy to know that I am in such great company spreading the word on sustainability.

simplyconsciousTop 10 and More To Come
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