Sustainability A to Z


I am starting my first side project! For the longest time I have been wanting to do something fun, creative, and environmentally conscious outside of my day job. What has stopped me in the past and still inhibits me, is the fact that this is outside of my comfort zone. I’m used to designing websites and marketing materials, not creating original graphics, illustrations or art.

It is always nerve-racking to put personal work out there for fear of judgment and/or failure, especially when you’re trying something new and not very good at it. I have finally decided I can no longer let the discouraging voices stop me and that I just have to do it, no matter how much it scares me. I probably will be terrible at first, but I can only get better if I practice.

My hopes for this project
This is not just about improving my skills, but it is also an opportunity to gain a better understanding of sustainability. In order for us to become more sustainable as a society, we need to know what that means and how it can be accomplished. I hope that by looking more closely at the factors that contribute to sustainability, we can find solutions for the challenges we face. Since there are an infinite number of topics we could cover, I am narrowing it down to the alphabet, choosing one topic for each letter and creating a graphic representation for each.

I have a list of possible subjects in mind, but am open to any suggestions. Leave me a comment below or contact me.

I’ll be documenting my progress along the way, so follow me on this blog, Facebook, Instagram, and #SustainabilityAtoZ for updates!

Lastly, I invite anyone to join me, whether you are a designer, artist, or have another medium in which you would like to explore sustainability. Tag your work with #SustainabilityAtoZ. If you’re like me and have been dreaming of trying something new, I encourage you to take the chance and give it a shot!

simplyconsciousSustainability A to Z


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  • Tom - May 2, 2016 reply

    Great post Donna! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

    simplyconscious - May 2, 2016 reply

    Thank You! 🙂

  • DouglasBoora - September 25, 2019 reply


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