New Direction + Happy Earth Day

After taking a bit of a hiatus to self-reflect and rework the direction of this blog, I am back and more excited than ever! When I started Simply Conscious, I intended it to be a sustainable lifestyle blog, but found myself struggling a lot with what to write. I realized it was because I had a vision of what I wanted the blog to be, but was trying to do and become something I was not.

My new approach

Don’t get me wrong, I still strive to live more consciously every day and hope more people do too, but I just wasn’t finding excitement writing about the “how-to’s” of sustainable living. Plus, there are plenty of blogs out there who are already doing a great job of this (see my Favorites). I wanted to contribute in my own way, a way that is more inline with who I am — a designer.

The power of design

The choices designers make can have a huge impact on people and the planet. Take for example, K-cups. Something that has taken over our offices, homes, and trash bins. This tiny little capsule that holds our morning brews has such an astronomical effect on the world and our waste that even the inventor feels bad for creating it. Design can make our world more (or less) sustainable, which is why we need to make sure we consider our impact in everything we do.

What’s next

I want to explore this relationship between design and sustainability further. By learning from the K-cups of the world and looking to the creative innovators that are making a positive difference, we can use design to create a better future. I plan to use my own skills as a designer to help contribute to this mission in any way that I can. Although this blog will be centered around design, it is not just for designers. I hope anyone reading this feels encouraged to use their talents to make a difference in their own way.

Happy Earth Day today and every day!

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simplyconsciousNew Direction + Happy Earth Day