5 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly At The Movies

Over the past few months I have been making an effort to move closer to a zero waste lifestyle. As a result, I have been finding new ways to reduce the amount of trash I produce wherever I go, including the movie theater.

By simply thinking before we take or toss, we can keep a lot of unnecessary waste out of the landfill and still have a great time! Here are some of the ways I try to reduce my waste at the movies:

1) Save or Recycle Your Ticket Stubs
Most theaters do not have e-tickets and often times even if you purchase tickets online they end up printing them out when you get there. So save your stubs for a DIY memory box or place them in the recycle bin.

2) Say No To Straws (and Lids, if possible)
In the US, we use 500 million straws a day*. Most are only used for a short time before they end up in the trash and eventually make their way into our oceans and landfills. It’s best to skip the straw, but lids might be trickier. No moviegoer wants an ice cold beverage spilled on them before the movie starts, so just use your best judgement. If you don’t need to climb over a row of people to get to your seat, you might be able to pass on the lid.

3) Bring Leftover Concessions Home

Our eyes are often bigger than our stomachs (I know mine certainly are). If you ordered too much popcorn, food, or candy don’t toss it out as soon as the movie is over. Take it home. I’ve definitely thrown away my fair share of half empty bags of popcorn, but now I bring my leftovers home and fill one of these glass jars to seal in the freshness. That way I get a delicious popcorn snack whenever I want. Win-win!

4) Use Napkins Wisely
This one can be tough, but generally I think we have a pretty good gauge of how messy we are. So try to grab only what you need.

5) Go Zero Waste
This isn’t always the easiest or desirable option, but consider skipping the concessions completely. Eat before you go or bring your own snacks, food and beverages in reusable containers. It’s a lot healthier and you’ll also save money!

Now go out and enjoy! 🙂 Let me know how you go green at the movies. Leave a comment below or #simplyconscious on social media.

*Choose To Be Straw Free

simplyconscious5 Ways To Be Eco-Friendly At The Movies


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  • Lauren @ The Thinking Closet - August 15, 2015

    Thanks for the shout-out to my DIY Ticket Stub Memory Box tutorial! Love that you’re encouraging folk to be more eco-friendly with these creative, earth-friendly ideas.

  • Amber - August 23, 2015

    Hi Donna!

    These are great tips 🙂 I love the idea of skipping straws and lids for drinks! Also the one about bringing the snacks home if there is too much!

    Living a waste free lifestyle (unfortunately) takes practice. It’s too bad we weren’t raised to do such from a young age. Definitely something I’m going to be practicing and working towards in the next few months!

    simplyconscious - August 23, 2015

    Hi Amber! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad you found the tips helpful. It does take practice, but I have found it gets easier once you start making it a priority, which it seems like you have. You’re off to a great start! Sometimes you just have to get creative. Keep it up and stay tuned for more tips 🙂

  • Tommy - August 27, 2015

    Can’t wait to go to the movies again and use these mindful tips! Thanks Donna!

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